God’s Presence

Things were traveling able-bodied for Moses as he led the bodies out of Egypt. God alleged him to Mount Horeb to accept the Ten Commandments. While he was there, the bodies fell abroad from God by abiding to the agency of Egypt by architecture and adherent a aureate dogie beneath Aaron’s watch. This appear that the airy foundation of the bodies and the administration of Aaron had not been ashore abundant for the baton to accept an continued absence. God’s attendance had larboard the people.

When Moses came aback and saw what had happened, he accustomed the band-aid as well. Having God’s attendance acknowledgment was the alone way they could advance and accept success. Moses aswell accomplished a weakness in his own adeptness to lead. He capital God to coach him. Is the attendance of God in our accepted activities? Are the bodies we advance complete abundant in their acceptance for us to be off site?

The aboriginal allotment of the access we heard from Exodus was Moses’ third action on account of the Israelites. The bodies had repented, bidding their affliction and remorse, and bald themselves of the Aureate Calf. But God has told them that He will not go with them because He adeptness absorb them with His wrath. God’s asceticism can’t accept with sin. Because the Israelites were sinful, God’s asceticism would absorb them on the way. God would be present with them in an aberrant way through an angel.

Moses was, understandably anxious about the approaching of the people, and his leadership, if God absitively not to accompany them into the acreage of Promise. What would the neighbors think? While he can be beholden that God will accomplish the affiance to get them to the land, how would they survive in this new land?

Moses went into his covering and prayed to God, acquisitive to change His mind. Moses reminded God of the agreement He fabricated with Abraham. Moses aswell appealed because of his own accord with God. God relented and told Moses that He would go with the people, and He would accord them rest.

God’s attendance does accord us rest, but at times His attendance disturbs us instead. For example, God’s active attendance already appeared to the astrologer Isaiah. It acquired Isaiah to flutter and agitate and confess. God’s attendance does that; it reveals our sinfulness.

As accouchement of God, we accept accustomed His assumed and amaranthine favour. As we get to apperceive Him bigger through prayer, abnegation and belief His word, He extends us even added favour. He promises to admission our requests, and He knows us personally. He consistently reveals Himself as a God of adroitness and compassion, and that gives us abundant abundance if we face life’s trials, and if we sin or accomplish errors in judgment.

The trials of activity may accord us the consequence that God is affronted or avenging on one hand; and absent and blah on the other. Nothing could be added from the truth. Jesus came to acknowledge God as a merciful, gracious, admiring Heavenly Father-a Father who loves the apple so abundant that He gave His alone begotten son.

When we reflect on God, we bigger reflect God. We accept to alone appoint with Him. We accept to go to Him in admiration and accord our hearts, motivations, ambitions and wills to His appear will and word. This is area our acceptance fits calm with our actions, and area our lives go from getting our own to getting His.

Moses adopted to go boilerplate with God than anywhere after Him. We accept to do likewise. We accept to accomplish God’s attendance our affection by getting added like a blot and beneath like a rock. If we abode a bedrock in the ocean, its apparent gets wet. The exoteric may change colour, but the autogenous charcoal untouched. If we abode a blot in the ocean, it absorbs the water. The ocean penetrates every pore and alters the aspect of the sponge.

If we are to be able in annihilation we do for the Lord, He accept to be in the bosom of it. Unless His adeptness is apparent a part of us, we will be just addition getting who has religion. Unless we appearance His activity to others, they will see alone acceptable behaviour that is calmly apish by moral people.

Moses’ fourth action was a appeal to see God’s glory. All forth he was accommodating to advance in the affiance that God gave him at the afire bush. Something happened aback then. The people’s falling into sin, God’s acrimony adjoin them, and God’s abnegation to acquiesce Moses to accomplish amends brought a accomplished new situation. Moses acquainted he bare to apperceive added of what God was like if he was traveling to accept to advance the Israelites. Moses capital a deep, personal, affectionate affiliation to God.

Moses saw God’s alarming acts during the Exodus, but now he capital to see more-God’s glory. God accepted this adventurous request, casual His advantage afore Moses and proclaiming His own name-the announcement of His character. The Lord speaks of His address as getting accommodating and assuming compassion, words Paul acclimated in Romans 9:15-18.

We are actual abased on what we can see or perceive. We accomplish acumen calls and assessments through our own eyes. If something impairs our adeptness to see, we atone by application added senses, and in those times, a lot of of us absorb a lot added time praying for wisdom. We depend on our afterimage added than we depend on how God sees things. It can’t be about how we see things, but what God sees in us. Like Moses, we apperceive that we accept begin adroitness in God’s sight, but are we active to be adorable in His afterimage every day with every decision?

Eventually anybody leaves churches area God isn’t acutely present and working. Churches don’t die. God’s articulation in them dies, and again the people’s acknowledgment of admiration goes algid too. Getting bodies aback to abbey is absurd unless God comes aback aboriginal in His glory. The abbey is alleged to accomplish apparent to the senses the attendance of God. The absolute apple is bathed in Him. God is the baptize we bathe in and we, like fishes, don’t even apperceive we’re in it. The church’s job is to accomplish God’s attendance acquainted so that if we leave this place, we apperceive we’re pond in baptize and the baptize is God’s presence, adulation and goodness.

Glory can’t be faked. It can’t be manufactured, manipulated, or embodied at will. Alone God can accompany celebrity into a church, but if He does, communities get annoyed and lives get changed. Jesus’ acclaim curls up on the bank of animal hearts like a wave.

There was a absolute to what Moses would see, for no one can attending aloft the Lord and live. God is Spirit-with no concrete appearance whatsoever-so the use of the agreement “my back” and “my face” was a agency for bodies to accept what cannot be accepted otherwise. Moses’ casual appearance of the Lord’s aback was still added than anytime had been seen-until Jesus, in whom the absolute God was appear in animal flesh.

God’s accommodation to accept with bodies is astonishing. The actuality that God chooses to be in accord with animal beings makes Him accessible to the affliction that after-effects if that accord is betrayed. It aswell agency that accurate advice is fabricated possible, and Moses is the archetypal for us of that divine-human communication.

God isn’t limited, but we are. No one, not even Moses, could apperceive all about God. Even admitting He has appear Himself absolutely in Jesus Christ, there is a faculty in which He charcoal hidden. Similarly, God has hidden some things from us. God is far above our adeptness to understand. What is appear in the Bible is alone a allocation of what God is like. We will apprentice added about Him if we get to heaven, but even then, there will be a lot that we will not learn. Whenever some beginning acumen and acceptation comes to us, hopefully we will bow our active in humility, awe and worship.

At stake, then, is our compassionate of God as transcendent, untouchable, and unviewable, against God’s alertness to arbitrate on account of even the a lot of arbitrary of folks. The theophany that occurs in this adventure beautifully bears attestant to both. In Jeremiah 23:23, God stated: “Am I a God nearby… and not a God far off?”. In our admiration lives, if do we apperceive that “enough is enough” and one should let go of a prayer? If is it added important to accumulate pushing?

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